UFO Turns Out to Be Trash Bin

We don’t often get a lot of debunked sighting stories, but when we do, we like to report them just to be fair. Plus, their often more hilarious than a Cheech and Chong movie starring Dick Cheney.

According to the Arab News, police in Jeddah received several calls about a UFO sighting over a period of three days. Callers described the object as a “unidentified floating object that was seen in Al-Arbaeen lagoon in Jeddah’s downtown district, known as Al-Balad.”

Police actually held a stakeout on the lagoon and discovered it was actually just a trash bin on the surface of the water that gave off a mysterious profile when viewed from a distance.


  1. January 10th, 2007 | 10:07 am

    no this is fucking funny!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. fartsy
    January 18th, 2007 | 7:48 pm

    a…trash can…

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